Tuesday, September 22, 2015

What to Do, and is it Really True?

  Last week we touched on "The Disability Decision" and hearing the "disability" words from your medical practitioner of your medical condition. In the last blog post, I promised to cover more about dealing with the decision and will share some tips with you today.

  Please believe me, this "disability" journey is "up and down," "good and rough," and it is imperative you attempt to stay focused -- be at peace -- and know thyself. In order to successfully proceed with an expeditious Social Security Disability Insurance application, it is extremely necessary to "deeply" understand and accept your current situation, and internally answer the following question about your disability, and that is, "Is it true?" If your medical practitioner has advised you that working full- time/part-time is not for your best interest, or that you should not work due to your medical condition; or your family has given an intervention that you listen to your physician and not work -- the answer to the "Is it true?" question is: "Yes. It is true."

  If you have worked for many years, it is so very hard to accept the fact that you are being told "....you are disabled." It's hard. But, now it is time to face it -- and take a quiet moment to meditate, pray, and ponder the moment, and then verbally say, "Yes, it is true." Then, move on with the realization of your situation, take action with your life, and proceed to review ALL of your disability benefit options.

  On a good note, there are many options available, and for a quick reference they are listed in the book. (www.applyfordisability-on-your-own.com) Also, an easy method to process the decision of how to apply, i.e., should I hire an attorney to apply for my Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, or should I do it myself via the Social Security Administration (www.ssa.gov) website? (Book reference: The Process Decision -- "Them or Me?")

 You may think -- it's the government, and it's probably very difficult to apply on my own. You hear of the horror stories of it taking 2-5 years to receive disability benefits. Believe me, I thought the same for a couple of minutes...but, I went on the Internet and reviewed the Social Security Administration website -- and found it to be very user-friendly and felt it could be done by me alone via applying for disability online.

 Also, I found out that attorneys receive a portion of your "back-pay" and if I applied on my own -- it would all be mine, and I could control the process timing from my end -- versus going back and forth with attorneys, secretaries, etc. for years to come. Please: no offense to the attorneys, advocates, etc. at all. Many people will need attorneys, especially if they are not able to take care of their financials, etc. BUT, the next four statements below could be a "financial-saver and bring peace of mind" if you can answer, "YES" to the below statements:

        1. Read with understanding,
        2. Use a computer comfortably,
        3. Feel comfortable and confident to speak on your own behalf to an 
             SSA representative, and,
        4. Believe you can take control and apply on your own to reap your benefits, 
             then the answer to the aforementioned question of "Them or Me?" is "Me!"

 To learn more to help relieve any fear, doubt, and/or anxiety of this unknown, please take this moment and visit my website. (www.applyfordisability-on-your-own.com) I purposely tracked my entire application process, and wrote the book and now blog for you. The experience of applying for Social Security Disability was totally unexpected for me, and it was meant to be shared to help many people who need their disability insurance -- they have paid into from every paycheck since their first job taking out FICA taxes. This is not a hand-out from the government. It is YOUR disability insurance YOU paid into for the unexpected. "...as you are partakers of the sufferings, so also you will partake of the consolation." 2 Corinthians 1:7 NKJV 

  Also, if you want to actually "hear" how you can begin your disability application journey, the following link is a copy of me being interviewed on The Maggie Linton Show, August 19, 2015 on SiriusXM Urban View-Channel 126. Go to the following link:
The link is available until November 21, 2015.


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Back on track. . .

Okay -- let's get started. The last two weeks have been physically "rough" for me, but I am determined to share my information to help others who need their disability benefits. When finding out you're disabled, it can be a very traumatic experience and is truly a life changer. First and foremost, thank you for coming to my blog to learn and be encouraged to make, "The Disability Decision." So what is the Disability Decision?

Let's take it step by step. You're walking into your doctor's office and wondering about your test results. You meet with your doctor, and he/she says, you cannot work with your condition and that you may want to look into applying for disability. That statement from the doctor is the beginning of a new life for you and it begins the journey of "The Disability Decision." This decision is learning to (1) accept what you've just heard from your doctor about "you" being disabled, (2) reviewing your emotional and financial state at the current moment, and (3) taking action to move on with life -- and to really and truly "learn about yourself."

When you learn that you're disabled, and that you cannot work and realize you may have a need for financial support -- it can be an eye opener. So what to do? I have always planned having "disability insurance" with my employers. But, now -- I have no employer. Again, what to do? We'll cover that in our next post.

If you have any questions or comments please let me know. You can go to: www.applyfordisability-on-your-own.com to contact me directly.

Also, if you want to actually "hear" about how to begin with your journey, the following link is a copy of me being interviewed on The Maggie Linton Show, August 19, 2015 on SiriusXM Urban View-Channel 126. Go to: https://www.hightail.com/download/bXBiaUNIQzNZY1FLSk5Vag
Please note: the link expires on September 22, 2015.

In the meantime, keep the faith and have hope for a new positive life of new beginnings. "It's beautiful crazy, but you can do it!" I did it, and so can you.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Your source to Apply for Disability On-Your-Own and Receive Social Security Benefits in Just Four (4) Months!

 Welcome to my Blog, and join me on a passage through an experience of being told you are now disabled -- and the process of becoming officially disabled -- and the need of emotional, spiritual, and financial support.

   LEARN how to handle your disability situation while applying ONLINE for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, and being approved applying the "first time on-your-own" without hiring an attorney or advocate...and NO appeals, NO courtrooms, NO judges, etc. 

   Be at peace and receive ALL of your SSDI benefits, while not being able to work due to your disability. You paid your FICA taxes for Social Security Disability Insurance (i.e., the first paycheck you ever received as a teenager had FICA taken out), which is no different than paying for regular insurance -- when in need -- use it. SSDI is not a handout from the government, remember you paid into it.

For more information go to: www.applyfordisability-on-your-own.com

   You will easily learn how to apply on your own "STEP by STEP" for your Social Security Disability Insurance. It is NOT a difficult application to complete. I was able to complete it in between major brain surgeries, and my condition was NOT a Social Security exception of: Quick Disability Determinations or Compassionate Allowance Case. It was a basic case, but I was able to work diligently through the system and received my benefits in four (4) months. My passion is to help others keep their money -- learn how to apply successfully -- and have peace of mind while waiting for your Social Security: The Notice of Award.