Sunday, January 28, 2018

NEW AUDIO BOOK!! The Concise Guide to Apply for Disability On-Your-Own

I promised to update quickly and here it is. "The Concise Guide to Apply for Disability On-Your-Own" is NOW AVAILABLE in an Audio version! (paperback and Kindle still available) Many thanks to Miami Phillips, Narrator. This project could not have been completed without her! Click on the following link to check it out:​ 

Have a great day,

Happy New Year -- 2018!!

What a blessing to be living in 2018! Thank God!! Hope everyone is having a good start of the year. My husband, Tony and I have been under the weather with the viral flu since the end of December 2017. Please everyone -- wash your hands, use hand sanitizing spray, and use your sleeve to sneeze and/or cough into for sanitary purposes.

We wish you the best of 2018 and will be more vocal on SSDI, Hydrocephalus, and other disabilities this year -- with the goal to help others. Have a great Sunday and watch The Grammy's tonight!

JD Davis