Tuesday, January 22, 2019


Happy 2019!!

What an amazing start for 2019. So glad to communicate with all of you and thankful for God's blessings. I hope all is well and that you are also thankful for life, love, and living.

My Twitter account, @applydisability is focused on our Federal government employees and contractors who have been affected by the Government Shutdown. Cheers to all of the non-profits, corporations and people reaching out to our federal government friends who take care of our families and our government.

Starting tomorrow, from January 23-27 my ebook, "Apply for Disability On-Your-Own" will be FREE to all in support of helping others who may become newly disabled and needing their Social Security Disability Insurance benefits within months versus years.

TWEET: #GovernmentShutdown Again, thanks to Chef Andres & ALL orgs and corps helping Federal employees affected by shutdown. Starting tomorrow, my ebook, "Apply for Disability On-Your-Own" will be #FREE for 5 days to help newly disabled get their SSDI in months. https://t.co/eB9ufI2syO

I sincerely hope the free books will help many... Have a great evening! Remember to love your neighbor.