Friday, December 18, 2015


It's December 2015 and I apologize for the delay in updating my blog. It has been a rough time this fall, but, keeping the faith, wanting to share my story and most important HOW to apply for SSDI successfully on-your-own (without an attorney)--  and staying hopeful does keep me going. Many good things are in process, and I'm very excited to share those updates with you soon.

In the meantime, enjoy your holidays -- stay positive -- pray and/or meditate to all good things happening to you and your family -- and, be positive going into the new year 2016!

Remember, if you are finding yourself ill and needing to go on disability -- contact Social Security now! Please do not wait, especially if your doctor has given you a prognosis of being ill and not able to work for a year or longer. The longer you wait to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance, the longer it will  take for you to receive your benefits. Do NOT procrastinate. It is important that -- you take time now and apply. Best to apply online for speediness! 

Living life everyday and what happens to you is not a coincident. There is a reason you are reading this blog. If you need more information, go to my webpage and contact me directly at: (click Contact the Author)  Also, my book explains in detail HOW I NAVIGATED THE SYSTEM SUCCESSFULLY. It is explained in easy terms and is written to be quickly understood and followed step by step. This type of information is usually not shared, but, I am sharing it with all of you, and it works! And -- remember -- I did it and so can YOU! I documented EVERY minute of applying for SSDI -- while waiting for my next brain/skull surgeries.

Also, to have a "quick read" of my story in how I was able to navigate the Social Security Disability Process and receive my benefits in four (4) months, go to The Social Security Administration's blog site at: It's a real and true story of a SSDI beneficiary navigating the system and receiving benefits in four (4) months -- NOT four (4) years. If you want to know HOW to do this on your own -- go to my website listed above -- and purchase the book that explains HOW I did it on my own without an attorney...  My book can be purchased at and is also being sold on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google books...and Kindle (e-book is cheaper). 

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Jarita (J.D.)